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In accordance with Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act, UNIDIT OCS establishes and discloses personal information processing guidelines as follows to protect the personal information of the information subject and to quickly and smoothly handle related difficulties.

Consent to use personal information
If you want to collect and use your personal credit information or provide it to a third party, you must obtain prior consent pursuant to Article 15 (1) 1, 17 (1) 1 of the Personal Credit Information Act and Article 32 (1), 33 and 34 of the Credit Information Act.
I hereby agree to use your personal credit information as follows.

- Service name: UNIDIT OCS
- Collection information: company name, person in charge, inquiry details, contact information, e-
- Purpose of use: Information/consultation on the product
- Period of retention and use: Until withdrawal after application for consultation
- Information withdrawal method: Call request by company