In the era of media, dozens and hundreds of videos are pouring in a day. The location set in Korea is limited, and we have no choice but to share a similar visual feeling. Overseas, there are many filming locations of various atmospheres and scales that are hard to find in Korea. East Village's historic Brownstone buildings, Brooklyn Bay's hip-sounding lofts and factories, New York's skyline rooftop, a castle of overwhelming scale, beautiful nature such as vast deserts and seas. I will help you find a location that cannot be imitated in Korea and create the best video.  

What we do

UNIDIT OCS, which has produced numerous video projects at home and abroad for more than 10 years,
We are responsible for the results of the project with my experience and human network.

Remote Shooting

From the preparation process to filming and editing real-time monitoring with remote shooting settings

Coordinating overseas shooting

All overseas shooting details
Acting preparation

Location & Casting

Location, local model, shooting team, local equipment rental, remote audition

Other matters

Recruitment of simultaneous interpretation and reservation of vehicles and accommodation



Monitoring the Filming Environment

Although it was difficult to deal with various variables because the camera angle communicates only with the main camera angle, UNIDITOCS uses a wide-angle behind-the-scenes camera to check the scene in real time.

High Efficiency Workflows

Compared to existing overseas filming, the budget and overall video production schedule are shortened. The loss of sunk costs incurred in the process of leaving the country and staying in the country can be minimized by remote filming, and it has its own production system for all stages of planning, filming, and editing, so all tasks can be carried out one-stop based on various experiences and know-how.


UNIDIT OCS offers a wide variety of production options to best serve your needs.

Unidit OCS offers a wide variety of production options to best serve your needs

Option 1
All In One Service

Integrated to all relevant information in a foreign location

Option 2
Set Service

Select the desired services based on the remote shooting service

Option 3

OCS Service

Remote shooting service only 

(Remote connection from the shooting site by overseas personnel)