Step 1

Planning stage 

Production inquiry.
An off-line planning.
Preparation of contract and deposit of deposit.

Step 2

Project Progress 

After pre-production is complete, Communicate with local production. Remote audition, location preview. Final inspection.

Step 3


Remote Filming and Editing.
a compilation after the editorial presentation.


UNIDIT OCS provides the best studio environment to focus on directing.
In addition to the main camera required for the production, the sub-camera, which can check the situation of the site in real time, can be projected on the entire wall using a beam projector to make it feel like you are at a local site.

Main camera 

A high-end camera that shoots real-life ads.
You can monitor by sending images to be used in the output. 

Sub camera 

For monitoring the situation, the biggest inconvenience of filming overseas in Korea is the lack of sense of scene, so the Korean director can quickly identify and direct the situation without asking the local PD about it.


Q. UNIDIT OCS of What is the exact  scope of practice?

UNIDIT OCS is joined by UNIDIT in comprehensive production. UNIDIT produces all stages of planning, filming, editing, and comprehensive planning, so we can provide a comprehensive set of processes for video production at the request of our customers.

Q. What is the production estimate and what is the basis for the calculation? 

If only all integrated production process and progress of a remote in accordance with the quotation is different.Upon request, at least 100 million won from 10 million won level of large projects to proceed, and the remote imaging system deployment and operating costs of the Korean team, the United States team is the default price quoted in and depend on the options the rest.

Q.Is it possible to film in countries other than the U.S.? 

Currently, it operates intensively in the eastern and western parts of the United States.

Q. Is there anything particularly important to note when shooting in the U.S.? 

In principle, when shooting with local staff, the cost of local staff will be paid within one week based on the filming date. Therefore, a certain percentage of advance payments are essential in progress.

All local staff, including the cast members, must finish filming within the set time, and if the filming time is exceeded, additional costs will be incurred.

Depending on the situation, local locations may incur permission costs in addition to location rental costs, and large-scale filming may result in local police (Patrol) controlling the area around the filming site.

Since the U.S. aviation law is relatively strict and strict compared to Korea, drone shooting requires a licensed drone operator and requires prior notification when filming.